My husband and I love those shows where they throw a guy out in the wilderness and he shows how to survive in seemingly impossible situations. The more I watch them, the more I realize that I likely will never need to survive in the Sahara or the Sub-Arctic. I do however find myself feeling on an almost daily basis as if I've been cast out into a strange world full of obstacles to tackle and unknown creatures to cope with. This will be the chronicle of one woman trying to survive the jungles of parenthood.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Not-A-Real-Post Post For You

     I know, it's been a long time since I've posted and  this isn't even a real post!  I promise though, either tomorrow or Friday I'm going to get up a real post.  It's even going to be a long one, a review of several under $10 a pair pull-up waterproof training pants, how cool is that?  How can I be so sure I'm going to have enough of that ever elusive thing people without children call free time to do this?  I have a BABYSITTER for two whole days during the day and for Saturday night. This will be our first night without Spice and our first night away from Sugar since Spice's birth so it's a big deal!  Now if only I can keep my mind off of them long enough to enjoy our date night. He he!
     Anyway, on to today's not-a-real-post post.  It's a video on Vimeo that someone shared on my Facebook and I thought it was hilarious and totally relevant to this blog, so here it is. :) 

Mommy Rhapsody from Church on the Move on Vimeo.

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